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Telephone: 504-228-3861  (don't call us on HHO questions, use form: click
8 - 5 Mon.-Fri.
2641 Delaware Ave., Kenner, La. 70062

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We advise that you check this page periodically for any updates in the manual as we find improvements and revisions. FOR HHO HYDROGEN GENERATOR SUPPORT CONTACT US ONLY THROUGH THE CONTACT US/SUPPORT FORM , after you have implemented ALL instructions outlined in the installation manual. Look-a-like products don't mean they are the same thing! Be warned beforehand of "backyard" companies that will communicate with you before and during your purchase but will avoid you like the plague once a purchase is made and you need help with your installation support. We have prompt support when you fill out the needed information outlined in the contact us/support form. This form helps us identify and pinpoint common issues that may arise.


We have that question frequently asked. The fact is the answer to that question cannot properly be answered without stipulation. We might add, if one does so— we will be polite here— he may be ignorant to the real extenuating facts. First of all, supplemental hydrogen induced into any engine will not produce effective results UNLESS the engine is in VERY GOOD running condition. This means if your engine has ANY of the following problems: piston rings and/or valve(s), engine miss, check engine light on, oil burning consumption, unusual smoke emitting from exhaust and/or breather system, or overheating, or has not been tuned according to factory recommendations, DO NOT expect any fuel mileage improvement. And don’t install anyone’s HHO system until it is rectified by a professional that does mechanical work for a living and has ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certification credentials: Simply stated, HHO is not a fix-all; but it is a proven fact that supplemental hydrogen reduces engine emissions and increases fuel economy on average by 30%. Scientific documented proof of this fact can be read here: However, supplemental hydrogen must be installed properly and the engine and its computer, where applicable, must be properly tuned for each application to accommodate the HHO induction. Placing any kind of supplemental hydrogen generator system onto any engine, without addressing the aforesaid, will yield little or no fuel mileage improvement. And if anyone leads you to believe otherwise, you will inevitably be rudely awakened. We can say with reasonable confidence that those who have properly installed supplemental hydrogen generator kits have gotten satisfactory results. The information on this web site is provided to ALL viewers with the idea of improving fuel efficiency, emissions and performance. Read testimonials from satisfied users of hydrogen generator kits here: click.

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